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Minnesota Crash Facts

Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts 2013 is a summary of automobile crashes occurring on Minnesota roadways containing statistics and information compiled from law enforcement reports. This edition describes how and why crashes happen, where they occurred and who was involved.

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

  • In 2010, 411 people died on Minnesota highways and 31,176 were injured.
  • This is a 2.4% decrease from 2009
  • Breakdown of Total Fatalities: 305 died in vehicles and 45 were motorcyclists

Contributing factors in SINGLE vehicle crashes:

  • Speed 25%
  • Driver inattention 13%
  • Chemical impairment 8%
  • Overcorrecting 8%

Contributing factors in MULTIPLE vehicle crashes

  • Driver inattention 22.6%
  • Failure to yield 19.2%
  • Following too closely 12.1%
  • Speed 7.5%

Motorcycle deaths were the greatest in the 40 and older age bracket this accounted for 54% of all motorcycle deaths. Only 27% of those killed were known to be wearing their helmet. The most dangerous time for motorcyclists is between 3 -5 pm. Most crashes occur in areas under 1000 people. 35% of motorcyclists involved in crashes were drunk, over .08.

Statute of Limitations

Minnesota State Statute: Minn. Stat Section 541.05, Subd. 1(5) Period Time: 6 years

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