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Anoka/Elk River Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

Although not as frequent, crashes with semi-trucks are often times much more serious if not catastrophic. The cause of these types of accidents can be due to increased stopping distances, blind spots, or driver fatigue. Regardless of the reason, when accidents occur, the injuries are always very serious.

Semi-Truck Personal Injury Cases

Handling personal injury cases involving semi-trucks is somewhat different than the typical car accident case because of the unique nature of this type of an accident. Rather than pursuing a claim against an individual, the claim is almost always against a company or corporation. Additionally, semi-trucks are subject to special federal and state laws and regulations. Failure to comply with proper federal and/or state laws/regulations may lead to specific remedies for the injured, as well as liability for the truck driver and the truck owner/corporation.

Malzahn Law, Ltd. has handled numerous cases over the years involving semi-truck accidents ranging from run-under, blind spot, or simply driver fatigue collisions. Our experience (see attorney profile) in this area is particularly suited to assisting victims of semi-truck accidents.

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