Pedestrian Accidents Statistics

– There were 808 crashes in which a pedestrian was injured or killed by a motor vehicle.

– People under age 25 accounted for 33 percent of those killed and 10 percent of those injured.

– Males were more likely than females to be killed: they accounted for 64 percent of all pedestrian fatalities.

– Three out of ten (30%) pedestrian crashes occurred during the weekday rush hour driving time periods. The rush hour driving time period is defined as Monday through Friday 6:00-9:00 a.m. and 3:00-6:00 p.m.

– For 31 percent of the motor vehicle drivers in pedestrian crashes, the reporting officer indicated that failure to yield the right of way was a contributing factor. The second most cited contributing factor was driver inattention or distraction (22 percent).

– Twenty-eight percent of pedestrians killed and 26 percent of pedestrians injured were trying to cross a road at an area with no crosswalk and no signal. However, one pedestrian was killed and 13% of those injured were crossing the road at a signaled intersection and were crossing with the signal.

– Of the 36 pedestrians killed, 29 were tested for alcohol. Of those tested, 34 percent had blood alcohol concentration of .10 or higher.