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Boating/watercraft injury/accidents

Minnesota is the home to over 10,000 lakes and has countless boating enthusiasts. Boating accidents are most typically caused by inexperienced boaters, boating under the influence (BUI), or mechanical problems. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Minnesota boating accidents are alcohol related. Statistics show that an intoxicated boater is 10 times more susceptible to being hurt or killed in a watercraft accident than sober boat drivers. It is recommended that you consult an experienced accident attorney if you have been hurt on the water due to the negligence of another boater.

As jet skis become more and more popular, the traffic on the water has become increasingly dangerous. Just as there are safety rules for driving on our roadways, boating also has safety rules such as direction of boating traffic and right-of-way. The difference is boating does not require drivers to pass a test in order to operate watercraft.

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